"In the Mix - At Home, 2020"

Online  Sing-Along for All!

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The extraordinary events of 2020 have lead me and countless others to reinvent ourselves online, in order to keep the wolf from the door!


Since the beginning of April 2020 I have been running ‘virtual’ online sing-along sessions from my living room in Kent, UK. I broadcast LIVE to my community group, relatives, friends and music lovers all over the world, for one hour (usually more) every week; belting out a plethora of well known oldie tunes, with a new batch of bespoke piano tracks each week from the ridiculously talented Jon Spanyol. Everyone joins in with me from their homes - I can’t see you or hear you and you can’t see or hear each other, but there is a live chat option if you have a Google account - it’s a Virtual Sing-along!   Please read the questions below the form before you sign up: 

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Thanks for submitting!

How does it work?

These one hour + sessions run *live* on Tuesdays at 3.30pm - but you can watch the link anytime once it's recorded. All I need is an email address to add you to the mailing list to receive the YouTube link. One click and you're in - LYRICS are displayed on screen - just remember to click full screen option for the best view.

Is there a subscription fee?

Yes please! The fee is £5 per person viewing - which covers the time and resources involved in putting each session together. This includes  the  technical set-up plus  the compiling and formatting of lyrics and sheet music , the pianist's recording hours with over a dozen bespoke tracks every week - as well as the running and recording of the *Live* weekly session. Payment methods are on every email. 


What is 'Live Chat'?


I can't see you or hear you and you can't hear or see each other so it's a virtual sing-along with an option for live chat if you have a google account - but this is not compulsory! Most people just sing along with me from their homes and often message me afterwards - others say nothing at all!

Do you take requests?

Yes. I take requests and include Birthday/Anniversary dedications. Requests

cannot be guaranteed and have to be at my discretion as I need to consider them to be well known and a good sing-along for everyone to enjoy :)

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"In the Mix" - pre-Covid!
Here's a clip and a weekly Singing Tip!